Why I’m Here

Basically, I’m here to think out loud. This blog is a personal journal that I am publishing in an attempt to establish accountability. Most of my posts will be little more than my attempts at hashing through some of my questions about Christianity in a rambling, unfocused, thinking-out-loud sort of style. But hey; that’s what journals are supposed to be for, right?

In each post, I’m going to pose myself a question, or offer a perspective on a question that I hadn’t thought of before. And instead of attempting to answer these questions, I’m going to try to just analyze them, because I  think many of the questions I have swirling around in my brain are far too complex for one girl to answer adequately in one blog post. So instead, I’m just going to write about my take on the question, and maybe share stories from my life that have shed light on the question.

So that’s why I’m here. To ask questions. I hope that as I keep on with this, I’ll begin to learn how to ask the right questions, and I’ll also become more comfortable with not knowing the answers.


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