Monthly Archives: December 2014

New Year’s Resolutions

Most of the time, I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution kind of a person. Once in a while, if I’m really into achieving some goal, I’ll decide to make it a resolution for the new year. But most of the time I’m content to just skip it, and create goals when I feel like it rather than at the turn of the new year.

This year, though, I am enjoying this feeling of new beginnings, so I want to kick off 2015 by sharing a few goals that I have. So, without further ado, here goes!

1. Bike to Pittsburgh with my sister Marlia

This one gets my vote for most likely to be achieved. And if I’m honest, it’s more due to my sister’s determination than my own. Come spring, she’s going to be training for a cycling trip across Europe, and as part of that training she is apparently cycling 344 miles to visit me this spring. Then we’re going to bike to Pittsburgh together. I’m really excited about this because I have been a terrible couch potato these last few months, and my body is begging to me to get active again. So spending time with Marlia and exercising at the same time will be just the right kind of motivation I need to get back into the swing of a regular exercise routine. Or that’s my hope, at least!

2. Learn to play piano

I am the only member of my family who doesn’t play a musical instrument, and I want to change that! Music has never really been something that did a great job of capturing my attention, but I think that if there was any instrument that could hold my attention long enough to become at least moderately decent at it, it would be the piano. I just love listening to it being played, and I would love to be able to play some of my favorite songs. So I have a keyboard—left over from my last failed resolve to learn to play—and I’m going to give it another go. This time around, maybe it will stick!

3. Get back into a regular blogging routine

So it is no surprise to you that I’ve been pretty quiet these last few months. There are a lot of reasons for that. One of them is that my laptop┬ákeeps malfunctioning. Another is that the one thing that inspires me and drives my desire to write is Christianity. So when my faith is in a really dry spell like it has been recently, and I am generally dreadfully ambivalent towards all things Christianity, my writing inevitably wanes as well.┬áMy hope is that it is only matter of time before my curiosity for truth kicks in again, and I starting to process that search—wherever it may lead me—in my writing here.

4. Develop authenticity in my life

This has always been a very hard thing for me. I am easily impressionable, and easily influenced into saying things that may appease the people around me, but do not really reflect how I feel in my heart. Sometimes it is just easier for me to nod along in agreement rather than honestly reveal how much I am struggling with a certain believe or how I feel about a certain issue. But if I have discovered anything, it is that authenticity is incredible liberating and almost always good for the soul in the long run, even if it results in some painful situations sometimes. So this year, I’m going to strive to be more authentic in how I express myself.

So that is it; four resolutions for 2015! I think they are just lofty enough to be a challenge for me, but not so lofty that I’ll give them up because they’re too difficult.

I could use some drive in my life, and hopefully these resolutions will provide that!