Monthly Archives: February 2015

Hey You

Hey you. Yes, you who may or may not know me but have nonethleless found yourself here, reading my words.

I have a message for you. It’s a message I don’t believe half the time, and so I feel like a bit of a fraud sharing it. But I believe it today, with all my heart. Because it is true.

You have a role to play. You have a purpose.

Maybe you’re dogmatic, or maybe you a free spirit. You could be someone who is bold, or someone who is humble. You might be an intellectual, or someone who doesn’t think much about the deeper parts of life and is just very¬†practical.

Perhaps you’re an eternal optimist, or a cynic, or someone in between who wavers between the two extremes. Maybe you are your own worst enemy, and your insecurities get the best of you more often than not. Or maybe you’re confident and comfortable in who you are, and the world around you doesn’t faze you much.

You could be energetic, or steady, or opinionated, or kind, or confrontational, or compliant.

But I just want you to know…

You have a role to play in this world. You have a purpose. YOU. Not the faint shadow of who you could be, or who you want to be. You, with all your flaws and all your strengths and all the myriad of qualities that are jumbled together to make you an incredible, beautiful, unique person. You have a place.

Perhaps your role is quite small, and you’ll spend your life making just a little impact. Or maybe it’s huge, and you wield influence beyond the¬†dreams you had when you were young.

But here’s the cool thing. That doesn’t matter. Whether your role is small or large, you have a place. You have a sphere of influence and people to love and people who love you. You have a part in something beyond yourself, beyond the little pocket of existence that sums up who you are.

You possess this beautiful, messy blend of strengths and weaknesses and memories and personality traits and thoughts and deeds and temperaments and beliefs and convictions that no one else in this world does. You have a place in this world that no one else can fill.

I am in awe of the depth and complexity of the human being. I think about the thousands of thoughts and dreams and convictions and emotions that I go through on a daily basis, and I realize that in that way I am not unique, that all human beings experience the same thing. And it fills me with wonder every time I think about it because I realize all over again how unbelievably precious we all are. I think about how we all bring something to the table that no one else can.

And sometimes that’s hard, because it inevitably means you will clash with your fellow human beings from time to time. But you will also find kindred spirits, people whose own humanity dovetails beautifully with your own. And when you find those people, it’s magical. And when you find the people who clash with you, that’s magical too. Because often they challenge you, and bring your weaknesses into the light.

Anyway, I don’t know what the purpose of this long rant is. All I know is I’ve been in a creative funk for the last few months, and tonight as I was driving home I just started thinking about the interactions I’ve been having with people I love lately, and how complex and beautiful we all are. And before I knew it, I had to let those thoughts flow through my fingers and come out in written words.

Because it’s all true. You are precious and unique and filled with so many qualities that no one else ever has or ever will possess. You hold a place in this world that no one could ever fill. Maybe that doesn’t feel true for you today, or maybe it does.

That doesn’t matter. It is true, because you live that truth every single day.