The Many Faces of God as Seen by Man

Some look at God, and they see a benevolent deity showering blessings down on His children.

Some look at Him, and just see Someone to blame for their pain.

Some see holiness, but can’t see a Friend.

Some look at God and see wrath and fire and a hater of sin.

Some see God as a friend they can pour their heart out to, but not a Lord who requires obedience.

Others look at God. And they see nothing.

I look at God, and I see a King whose powerful love reminds me of my identity, yet whose ways I still can’t begin to comprehend (that, of course, is the short answer!).

We are all human, and we are all created in the image of our gracious Father. But we are all uniquely fashioned by Him, with different personalities and perspectives on how to relate to Him and characteristics of Him that we emphasize. We are all walking along with Him on different stages. Some of us never cross the starting line, stuck firmly in our certainty that He won’t be there if we search Him out. Some of us sprint careening into relationship with Him, only to be gently told we must slow down. And some of us just walk with Him. Not at a rush, but not with a sense of urgency either. Some are so focused on the finishing line that we forget about the race.

We all relate to God differently. We all give Him a difference face and worship Him in different ways and love Him in different ways.

And that’s not pluralism. That’s just beautiful.

“Truth meets human beings on their own ground…Truth, then is relative to each; all come to the light differently. Nevertheless, it is the same Truth they come to: Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.”

Crystal Downing, How Postmodernism Serves (My) Faith


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