Be Kind with Your Words

Some people are fragile, and sensitive. For some people, a single message poorly spoken or poorly delivered can strike deep and bruise their soul.

We shouldn’t apologize for being who we are or expressing our beliefs. But we should apologize when we hurt people, whether it is intentional or not.

So be careful with your words. Be careful with the expression of your beliefs. You never know who is listening, or how your words will affect your hearer.

I know, I know. Easier said than done.

But see, I’m both those people. I’m one who is fragile, and sensitive. One wrong word from someone I love, and my mood is dashed into darkness. It usually takes me days to get back to my cheery self.

And I’m also the one who speaks insensitively. I say things without considering how hurtful my words might be. I adamantly express opinions without considering the other side of the coin, so sure of myself that the other person is dead wrong.

Who knows. I might actually have the right opinion in such circumstances. But it doesn’t matter. If that person feels put off, and hurt, and angry because of how I expressed my opinion, then I’m the one who lost in that situation. I’m the one who damaged my witness as a follower of Christ.

So again. Be kind with your words. Be sensitive. Don’t shirk from speaking truth, but don’t express it so adamantly that you fail to realize it when you’re hurting the person to whom you’re speaking.


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