Finding Commonality in God

I stumbled across this quote while reading a new blog I’ve just discovered. Reading it created a little moment of identification with this writer. Although I’m a straight, privileged woman who has never endured the awful experience of being told God hates me because of my sexual orientation, I still feel like the “voice” this blogger speaks of is a voice that I’ve listened to and believed in during most of my Christian walk, without realizing what a false “god” the one described below really is.

“I believe that a great many of us have been so enamored with an image of God that bespeaks of some demanding, judgmental, perfectionistic entity whose call to discipleship is heavy on the Cross but light on the joy, that to break away from it means a radical break with one’s very notion of God. For me, it means that I’ve been so damaged by this “god” that I had to leave “god” to find God. This false god granted me no identity outside of an ecclesial structure or theological system; it convinced me that discipleship consisted of an endless series of “purifications” that would leave me broken, deconstructed, and crushed with no way to go but up. This “god” had no likeness to human love—it certainly had nothing to do with the kind of love I felt drawn to. This god was no more than a projection of my own interiorized voice of self-criticism and inadequacy—and I suspect that when a great deal of people talk about God, that voice is exactly what they have in mind.”

Praise God that He has revealed His true nature to this young gay man, and that He is slowly but surely revealing His true nature to me too.

Please read the rest of his blog post. It’s heart breaking.


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