If there’s anything I know, it’s that everybody has an opinion about everything. Everybody thinks they’ve got absolute truth nailed down, and that if everybody else would think the way they would, this world would basically be a utopia.

Francis Collins teaches me that Christianity and evolution can coexist in harmony. Ken Ham teaches me that science supports young earth Creationism exclusively.

Rachel Held Evans teaches me that doubt is good and even essential to my faith in God. Someone in my church whose name I’ll keep confidential teaches me that doubt is straight from the devil.

Justin Lee teaches me that love fulfills the law, and any expression of love – including same-sex romantic love – is affirmed by God. Ron Belgau teaches me that the male/female design for marriage is more than a metaphor for Christ and his bride, and that if we mess with the male/female design, we mess with the Gospel.

My mom teaches me that there is room in heaven for people who have never heard the name of Jesus. My dad teaches me that there isn’t.

A cacophony of voices, each darn sure that their way is God’s way, that their interpretation of scripture is God’s immutable Word, that their understanding of the world around them is a manifestation of the Ultimate Truth of God. Even as I type these words I can hear the push back: “These beliefs aren’t mine, they come from the divinely inspired Word of God!”, “You can’t read the Bible in a vacuum; its historical, religious, and cultural context is vital to understanding it!”, “You can’t trust your heart; it’s corrupted by sin!”, “Your conscience was given to you by God to help you determine right from wrong!”. And on it goes.  And with every voice that vies for attention in my mind and heart and life, the more desperate I feel to know who is right, and the more I feel like I am drowning in all this knowledge I’m absorbing.

When these voices collide in me, it feels so hopeless. It feels as if for any belief out there, you can find the knowledge to back it up. Like belief drives knowledge, and no matter how wrong the belief is, you can find the resources to give it rational and logical validity.

So where does that leave me? If you can find a way for two fundamentally opposing ideas to both make sense within this world, then how can you find truth within this world at all?

Is it even possible? Or are we really just required to believe truth, even though we can’t reinforce it with general revelation?

All I know is, I’m tired of how inadequate knowledge is. I think I’m going to try trusting my heart for a while instead.


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