Empathy: A Follow-Up

So yesterday I talked about how I’m discovering Romans 12:14-18 in my real, personal, day-to-day interactions with people. I also concluded that post by saying that this growing sense of a broken heart for the hurting people around me has been, I believe, a direct result of my casting away certainty about the doctrines I’ve grown up with.

I think I know why that correlation exists now. I think it’s because I, with my logical, rational, extremely compartmentalized mind, equated God with doctrine about him. Without even realizing I was doing it, I had placed him in a box filled with labels like “sexual purity”, “firm foundation”, “almsgiving”, “exclusivism”, etc. I did all this without realizing that all these doctrines, and many, many more besides, come from man’s interpretation of Scripture. Maybe God is in some of them, maybe He’s not. But I couldn’t truly discover the magnitude and powerful majesty of my Father in heaven until I rent that box to pieces, and saw God not as the sum of a handful of doctrines, but as the sovereign, incomprehensible, holy Father that He is.


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